Mental Health Services

What services are offered?


Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services is a supportive program for eligible adult clients with a mental health diagnosis.

Services are provided in the home and/or community using a collaborative approach  to promote understanding of diagnosis, coping skills, use of community resources and integration, skills, relapse prevention, employment related skills, transition to community living, home and organizational management and self-care.

In-Home Psychotherapy

In-Home Psychotherapy is a service provided to individuals in the comfort of their home by qualified Clinical Trainees. Clinical Trainees are Mental Health Practitioners with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology who conduct therapy under the license of a Mental Health Professional, and are undergoing individual and group supervision to obtain their own licensure.

We also offer Psychotherapy at our office, located at 2260 Cliff Rd, Eagan MN.

The Certified Peer Specialist

The Certified Peer Specialist, or CPS, is an individual who has a lived experience of mental illness and is trained to provide direct mental health services. Certified peer specialists offer support and hope to individuals who have experienced mental illness by sharing their story and helping them to discover their strengths. Certified peer specialists assist in reducing barriers to community resources, and they provide encouragement for involvement in community activities that support goals and interests.

The Role of the Peer

The role of the Certified Peer Specialist is to use a non-clinical approach that helps recipients discover their strengths and develop their own unique recovery goals. The CPS models wellness, personal responsibility, self-advocacy, and hopefulness through appropriate sharing of his or her story.

Who Can Use The Service


Recipients must have Medical Assistance or coverage through a Prepaid Medical Assistance Program (PMAP), for example Blue Plus, Metropolitan Health Plan, etc.

In-Home Psychotherapy

We accept Medical Assistance and most major insurances on a Minnesota based plan. We do not accept Medicare.

Certified Peer Support Specialist

CPSS is an “add-on” service to ARMHS, and thus recipients must have ARMHS to qualify for CPSS. Recipients must also have Medical Assistance or coverage through a Prepaid Medical Assistance Program (PMAP), for example Blue Plus, Metropolitan Health Plan, etc.

Eligible Clients must be at least 18 years of age, have a qualifying mental health diagnosis, reside in Anoka, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, Carver, or Washington counties, and desire to achieve positive change in their lives.

Anyone can refer for these services.

Self-referrals are encouraged.

To begin services or ask eligibility questions please contact , fill out our online intake form on our website  (Mental Health Referral/Intake Form), or call us at 651-895-8030

The Intake Process

First, an Alliance Mental Health Professional, or delegated Clinical Trainee will conduct a Diagnostic Assessment with the individual. Next, the individual’s case is reviewed and an appropriately matched Mental Health Practitioner is assigned. The selected Practitioner will then contact the individual to set up an intake meeting to gather additional information.

Sessions will then commence according to the clients schedule of need and desire, typically one to two times per week, for 1-2 hours per session.

Services will address specific treatment goals set forth by the Client with the support of his/her Practitioner.