Required Training

HAA Annual Training 2017

This training is a MANDATORY requirement of continued employment.  This training will take 12 hours to complete.  You will be paid for your time spent completing this training, providing you fill out the Training Timecards you received via US Mail.  This training is due back to the Eagan office no later than November 30th, 2017.  Please send all completed signature and test materials back to the main office by 4:30pm on this due date, using the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided to you in your mailing, by faxing it "Attn: Training" to (651)895-8070, or by scanning and emailing your paperwork to

Should you have any questions in regards to this training, please contact our Training Department at (651)895-8030.  Extensions to this due date are not allowable.  Please plan accordingly and complete the packets as quickly as possible in order to meet the deadline.


Packet “A”  (KEEP)  This packet is yours to keep as a general reference to guide your employment duties.  If you require an alternative form of this packet, please notify the Training Department immediately. Read through each section carefully and test out on each section as you go.

 HHA Annual Training Packet A

Packet “B” (COMPLETE AND RETURN)  Take each exam as you finish reading that section in "Packet A". Fill out all answers to the best of your ability and return entire packet to the Eagan office by the due date along with your time card(s).


 HHA Annual Training Packet B