“I would like to inform you of my very positive experiences in working with Alliance Health Care, Inc. From the beginning, I was impressed with Alliance’s QMRP-Program Manager’s knowledge and assessment of client needs. She was extremely respectful of my client, listened to my client’s requests for services and developed a plan with my client, the family and myself, to provide the client with the necessary support to succeed. It is this client centered and client specific approach that I found so refreshing. Alliance continues this full team approach to problem solving. They hire well qualified staff; and respond quickly to my client’s concerns, while keeping a careful balance of providing appropriate services. I trust my Alliance staff’s judgement and respect their professionalism. I believe that their clear respect for individuals make their services and ability to relate to a wide diversity of client populations invaluable.”

“I appreciate the responsiveness and services provided by Alliance Health Services to home care clients in Isanti County. Alliance has responded to a previously unmet need for regual, daily and extended hour services for clients of all ages. They have also contracted to provide service under the AD and Waivered Programs. This has allowed individuals to remain in their homes who would otherwise have to reside in a nursing facility. The staff of Alliance has been consistent with reporting concerns related to client situations. They have demonstrated an interest in expanding services and adapting to a multitude of changes in the current health system. Thank you.”

“I appreciate Alliance Health Care’s commitment to serve the Southeast Asian population. I’ve seen peace and relief come to my Southeast Asian clients. Your staff members responded promptly to my referral and continue to provide consistent care and supervision to all Hmong personal care attendants. My clients receive outstanding services from their PCAs. I am grateful to your agency’s commitment to this community of people of color.”

“I switched to Alliance Medical Supply because their level of services greatly exceeded that of other providers. The quality of service and products is incredible, they have bent over backwards for me. The automatic re-order program delivers supplies monthly to my door. I never have to worry about remembering to place an order or receiving the wrong supplies. I highly recommend Alliance Medical Supply.”